We invite researchers, students, public agency officials and other stakeholders to submit an abstract for consideration. Abstracts will be accepted for both oral and poster presentations. Select abstracts will be invited to submit a technical paper for peer review, and possible inclusion within the new International Journal of EnergyWaterFoodNexus.

Abstract Submission Guidelines

  • •  Proposal abstracts should be 150 to 200 words, in standard format.
  • •  Abstracts may be submitted by individuals or teams.
  • •  Please identify only one contact person.
  • •  Individuals and or teams may submit multiple proposals/abstracts, but a separate submission must be completed for each abstract.
  • •  Individuals and or teams must have registered and paid by the Abstract Submission Deadline for consideration.
  • •  Abstract Acceptance Criteria should be reviewed prior to submission.
  • •  Proposals should fall within one or more of the following four thematic tracks:


Thematic Tracks

New Science Enterprise

This track will highlight research within and across disciplines focusing on existing and emerging knowledge about energy, water and food production. The nexus approach is based on the premise that an action in one sector impacts the other. Therefore, presentations and panel discussions in this track will promote consideration of interrelationships and synergies, with an emphasis upon solutions-focused research, and inclusion of international approaches. Sessions featured under this track include:

    • Regional Trends in EWFN Science and Research Enterprise
    • Integrating EWFN Systems Workshop
    • Advancing EWFN Data Networks
    • Systems Solutions: Reducing Food Waste

Accelerated Innovation

This track will highlight innovative solutions to advancing efficiencies and sustainability in meeting energy, water and agricultural needs. Sessions will feature presentations from business, industry, or social entrepreneurs who are applying technology-based applications and innovative processes to address nexus challenges. Sessions featured under this track include:

    • Computational Modelling and Cyberinfrastructure in EWFN
    • EWFN Integrated Market and Business Solutions
    • Infrastructure Solutions for a Changing Environment Workshop
    • EWFN Climate Change Impacts

Science Based Policy & Decision Making

This track will address the role governments and organizations can play in advancing nexus-informed solutions through policy and programmatic support, as well as challenges faced in introducing new standard policies and practices. Sessions featured under this track include:

    • Enabling EWFN Workforce Development and Student Training
    • Developing EWFN Policy
    • Mobilizing Communities in EWFN Policies
    • Connecting Global Communities Workshop

Global Access to Safe Water

This track will seek to maximize collective efforts in ensuring that rural communities around the world have access to secured safe drinking water. Some of the major outcomes of this initiative will be the creation of a database of rural communities that lack access to safe water, which when completed, will serve as a resource template for assessing safe water needs in rural communities; educational and research programs that train new generation of scholars that are capable of providing solutions in their local communities and beyond; and community engagement programs that empower local communities to take action. Sessions featured under this track include:

    • Safe Water and Health Workshop
    • Impacts of Climate Change on Water Quality and Availability
    • Innovations in Water Re-Use
    • Advancing Water Innovation Solutions

Student Assistance


Students are invited to apply for a scholarship award providing financial assistance for them to attend the summit. For complete details, including deadline and qualification criteria, access the Scholarship Application Form.


Seeking Student Volunteers! Volunteer shifts will last approximately 2 hours. Selected volunteers will be entitled to a registration refund at the end of the summit ($25 refund if volunteering one day, or $50 if volunteering both days).

If you are interested in volunteering, please e-mail the following information with "Student Volunteer" in the subject line to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.:

  • •  First and Last Name
  • •  University/College
  • •  Major
  • •  Classification (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior, MS or PhD)
  • •  Summit dates you will be attending


Abstract Deadlines

Submission of Abstracts*

Sep 30, 2017

Notification of Abstract Acceptance

September 07, 2017

Technical Paper Submittal for EWFN Journal (by invitation only)

October 20, 2017

* Please note that you must have registered and paid by this date in order to have your abstract considered.